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SciGirl The Internship
2D Action-Adventure Platformer

SciGirl: The internship is a 2D action-adventure platformer game about a Science Girl, who goes by the name Sonia, who started an internship in a laboratory where she and her professor are working on stabilizing a chemical that was invented by the professor with which you can shrink or enlarge objects and living matter. Sonia will be looking for the professor, who disappeared because of a mistake he made while working with the chemical. During her adventure, she will face different enemies, will have to collect items and solve puzzles.

Players will control Sonia from a third-person perspective as she moves through the different levels (12) which are split into four different “worlds”, nanoworld, microworld, miliworld, and miniworld.

Key components of the gameplay are exploration and interaction (combat) with the enemies.

The Custom mechanics which are unique for this game are the increase and the decrease of enemies and objects with the help of the suit which is spraying reductojuice.