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SciGirl: The Internship

Today is a very special day for the Sindex team, not because the year ends, or a new one starts, but because we are revealing the name of our first game on which we are passionately working.

SciGirl: The Internship, is a 2D Platformer adventure game set in a university laboratory where a professor is trying to synthesize a chemical that can make things smaller or larger. Our protagonist is a post-graduate young girl, led by her dreams of becoming a real scientist, she starts an internship in the university laboratory under the professor’s guidance.

The handpainted design provides a unique gameplay experience where players would have to solve simple yet challenging puzzles and confront enemies in the main character’s quest, told through an interesting story provided in a mixed form of a comic book and a game.

More details about the game are coming soon, until then please subscribe to our newsletter or follow our accounts on social media so you can stay up to date with all news.


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