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Sonia: The Intern

For those who do not know me, I am Tac, and I am one of the boys who became a man and still has the child spirit within. I have always been into cartoons and games at the same level as I am into drawing. My father still does not believe that I have a serious occupation and still argues with me about watching cartoons and playing video games, and yes while on that note I am a concept artist who also is sculpting and modeling in 3D.

One of my passions is drawing, nothing special, just a black ball pen on paper. As most people would say, it’s my weapon of choice. I recently found out that watching anime, reading comics and playing games, makes me a geek 🙂

Another passion that I have is collecting ArtBooks. I see art books as another level of discussion between artists on creating their own worlds. You can see the creative process and their decisions on what should be in the project and what should stay in the “drawer”. The funny part is when you buy several books at once and you have to hide them from your boo 😛

And definitely, creating and playing games, is a passion which is on the same level as drawing. 

Why video games? 

I’m a competitive person and I always try my best in what I do, except in basketball, because I’m not tall, and in football, because I have “two left legs. Video games give me excitement so the child in me is always around and hyped to make a better score or a better move. Growing up as a 90’s kid, with all those places with arcade machines and games, waiting for your turn to play, while you watch the grown-ups. Damn, back then, entering the arcade was like entering into another dimension, which was always followed by the question, so why not draw my own world?

It’s a funny thing how a simple joke or a drawing can be taken seriously and make something out of it. A few years ago, in a discussion with a friend, while she was complaining about her work, I made a simple drawing, as a joke, to cheer her up. As the discussion continued, I told her that one day I’ll make a character in a game or a game out of the story that we joked about. Two years later, I was in a room telling the story to my team and that’s how our Sonia, or better known as SciGirl, was born.

The first drawing was funny and cartoonish, but with few other iterations, spontaneously her look went in more realistic representation. The story behind Sonia is that she is an intern scientist in her professor’s laboratory where she works on interesting experiments. After a “successful” attempt at one of the experiments, the professor has disappeared, which made Sonia put on her suit and go on a mission to find her mentor. After drawing Sonia in the suit, something was missing. The piece that was missing was a rebellious spirit, which is presented with the wild hair, the bandana, and the piercings, a few details that gave us the final look for our protagonist in this game.

And if you ask me, I’m still not done, because the kid in me would remake her 10000 times more and it will still not be enough.

These are just a few of the many sketches I did while refining the idea of Sonia.

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