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Creation is a balance between order and chaos, logic and art, code and design. Our name signifies the fusion of these forces, the left and the right, sinistra and dextra – Sindex.

With a passion to create and the skills to match, Sindex is a perfect mixture of people that found that creating great games can be just as fun as playing them. Not to be shy with sharing, Sindex offers its expertise and contagious enthusiasm to anyone looking to make their idea come to life.

The all-powerful interactive medium. Games can teach, show, inspire and of course – entertain.
Virtual Reality
Step into a different world tailor-made to your liking.
Augmented Reality
Not that anything is wrong with our current reality… but it can be improved.
Our work
What we like to play and what we like to make
15 Seconds
15 Seconds

Beat opponents from all over the world in various multiplayer 15 seconds games.

Goblen – Nonogram & Picross
Goblen – Nonogram & Picross

Goblen is a free game offering many Japanese crossword puzzles, also known as Nonograms, Hanjie, Griddlers or Picross.


Ridicolo is an example of how you can use the technical abilities of your phone for fun and enjoyable experience. It is now ridiculously simple to have a blast with your friends and express your silliness.

With the face detection feature, you can easily apply multiple stickers on your face or on your buddies’ faces.


A way to view stereo photographs, and share it with a wider audience promoting the art.

our process
From an idea through concept sketches to market, this is what we do.
story creation

Stories can be heard, seen or read. But the best stories are experienced with the users’ involvement. Whenever you have a story to tell, games can capture your audience and make them a part of it.

game play

The core gameplay is at the heart of any game. Building around a fun engaging core is the essential part of any successful game.

game development

Mixing all the ingredients together to create the final product. This is the engineering part of the process that we like to think is like playing with Lego’s.

market placement

Sharing your game with the world is a part of its creation. Sindex covers most of the popular platforms increasing the audience your game is exposed to.

The team
Meet the people behind Sindex. We all come together to work, have fun and create experiences. Feel free to chat with us, we are always looking for like minded people to expand the team

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US: +1 415 992-7936
MK: +389 70 543-221