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Dreams do come through passion

Back in 2009, when we started Web Factory, we set several goals that we wanted to accomplish.

The most important one was to build a place that will help us create, develop, and get the best out of us. A place where people can become a better version of themselves, maximize their full potential, and express their passion. After 11 years of hard work, I can say that we accomplished the first goal, and Web Factory is and will continue to be that place.

The other goals were to show the world our passion for certain things through technology. You know that saying, find what you love and don’t let go. It’s the same with passion, once you discover it you don’t want to lose that feeling.

Last year we introduced the passion for ML and AI through Pendulibrium, (a Web Factory brand) which focuses on developing software solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This year we are introducing our game studio, Sindex. With a passion to create and the skills to match, Sindex is a perfect mixture of people that found that creating games can be just as fun as playing them.

…Creation is a balance between order and chaos, logic and art, code and design

Sindex signifies the fusion of these forces, the left, and the right, sinistra and dextra.

As we often say, stories can be heard, seen, or read. But the best stories are experienced with the persons’ involvement.

After working on several projects and forming the right team, we decided that it is time to tell our stories with our first game. It is a story about a graduate girl who starts her internship in a science laboratory. It is going to be an action-adventure platformer followed by a comic book.

More details about the game are coming soon, until then please subscribe to our newsletter or follow our accounts on social media so you can stay up to date with all news.


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